Frameless 30 gallon Glass Aquarium

Aqueon Frameless 30 gallon Glass Aquarium

Frameless 30 gallon Glass Aquarium

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Simplicity meets elegance! The minimalist design of a frameless aquarium helps accentuate the natural beauty of any flourishing aquatic ecosystem. Smooth clear silicone and polished, beveled edges on the glass panes provide an elegant and modern design to keep the focus on your environment. Made in the USA with high quality glass construction, these tanks can be used for both freshwater or saltwater applications.

A sturdy foam leveling mat is included and REQUIRED for use under the aquarium to help protect both the aquarium and your aquarium stand. Glass Tops are recommended to help prevent evaporation and keep fish from jumping out of aquarium. Clear support brackets are available and sold separately to be used with existing Aqueon Hinged Glass Tops.

  • Polished, beveled edges for an elegant and modern design
  • Smooth, clear silicone seams keep the focus on the environment
  • Foam leveling mat protects both aquarium and stand
  • High quality glass construction for freshwater or saltwater applications
  • Included: Glass aquarium, foam leveling mat, food and water care samples


5 Year


30.25" x 12.5" x 18.75"
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