Hikari Hydrometer

Hikari Hikari Hydrometer

Hikari Hydrometer

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Wide Range Specific Gravity Meter For Marine Aquarium Use


“Dry Hands” design avoids contamination of aquarium or water sample

Takes a more “true” water sample at a 6 inch depth avoiding inaccurate surface sampling
Accurate to ±0.001 specific gravity & salinity (PPT) measurements
Auto-temperature correcting design
Durable construction for extended life
Designed to give a temperature-corrected reading in warm water aquariums – 68°F to 85°F (20°C to 30°C)
Readings can be taken by holding the meter inside the aquarium by the self-leveling hanging device or by taking the meter out of the aquarium and placing on a level surface
Automatically collects perfect sample size by leveling off sample at top of dam
Self-leveling, hanging device included
Proven design offering the ultimate in accuracy for more than a decade

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